Hood River County Home Sales October 2019


During October 2019, twenty-nine (29) homes sold in Hood River County, ranging in price from a low of $210,000 to a high of $1.6M. The average square footage of the sold homes was 1,982, with a median of 1,830 square feet. The Average Days on Market (DOM) was 35 days, with a Median DOM of 27 days.  The average sale price was a bit over 5.6% less than the average list price during October 2019 for Hood River County.

There were 23 homes sold in Hood River (includes the City of Hood River, Hood River Westside, Hood River Eastside, and Odell), with an average sales price of $556,800 and a median sales price of $490,000. The Average DOM was 38 and the median DOM was 31 days. In Hood River, the average sales price was 5.3% less than the average list price; similar to the Hood River County results. The two lowest priced homes sold for $305,000 (almost 20% lower than their average list price), and one home sold for $1.6M (8.6% less than list price with 70 DOM).

Cascade Locks saw four homes sold, with an average and median sales price of $315,000 and $345,000, respectively, in October 2019. Average and Median DOM was 29 days. The average sales price in Cascade Locks was 5.9% less than the average list price.

Mt Hood Parkdale saw two (2) home sales completed in October 2019. One home sold for $305,000 and only five DOM. The other home sold for $1.35M  and 17 DOM. The larger home sale was just below 10% less than the list price.

Hood River County home Sales October 2019

For Hood River County this was the sales activity breakdown by price range for October 2019:

  • Under $300,000 – 1 home sold, DOM of 12 days
  • Between $300 – $400,000 – 9 homes sold, average DOM of 35 days
  • Between $400 – $500,000 – 7 homes sold, average DOM of 36 days 
  • Between $500 – $600,000 – 4 homes sold, average DOM of 12 days
  • Between $600 – $700,000 – 4 home sold, DOM 41 days 
  • Between $700 – $800,000 – 1 homes sold, DOM 9 days  
  • Between $800 – $900,000 – 1 homes sold, DOM 132 days
  • $1.35M – 1 home sold, DOM 17 days 
  • $1.60M – 1 home sold, DOM 70 days 

It is interesting to note that more than half of all the home sales in Hood River County occurred in the sales range below $500,000. And all but 4 sales happened below $700,000. There was no clear trend for DOM, as it varied significantly across all price ranges. 

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